Errors with the .h file for the word list - Unreal - C++ course

I kept getting error lines for the exact same lines that is shown in the tutorial. Creating a worldlist and including the CoreMinimal.h file which my compiler didn’t recognise. The recommendation for solving it was to turn off the errors or run a library scan of json or some such.

I accidentally turned off the squiggles and now can’t get them back.

That’s when this happened.

Please help.

Thank you .


Does it compile? That is most likely just IntelliSense not knowing stuff. Are you using the IntelliSense Fixes extension? You should just need to restart the editor if so.

No, not using the IntelliSense Fixes extension. Wouldn’t know how to do that… But yes to your question. It does not compile because of these errors

That is done in a lecture after setting up VS Code.

Would you mind showing the output of compilation?

To enable your error squiggles again just type CTRL + SHIFT + P for your command pallete and enter in “enable Error Squiggles” .

As for your code not compiling, is there a ; at the end of the } ?

Good luck,

Hi Dan, I figured out how to fix the .h problems. it was to include the #pragma once - however now my code is clean apart from this #pragma once problem…

The top of BullCowCartridge.h needs to have #pragma once