Errors in VSCode

Hello! I’m still fairly new to coding and Unreal Engine. I’m on the Crypt Raider section of the Unreal Engine 5 course and I noticed some errors that have been present from the beginning, I’m almost halfway through the section. In vscode I have squiggles under my #include’s and the errors at the bottom that say things like “cannot open source file” and “consider updating your compile_commands.json”
I was curious to know how I could resolve this. I could still compile and run the games in Unreal Engine for the moment.
As I get deeper into the section I began to notice a lack of autocomplete options popping up as I try to access things in new classes when I #include something like “Math/UnrealMathUtility.h” and I was wondering if this was related.

Does the issue resolve itself if you do Tools > Refresh VS Code Project in Unreal?

Yes it did! Thank you

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