End of section 1: Spaaaaaaaaace ship!

Ok, so how I made it;- Joined a bunch of cubes to rough out the shape, Moved around the edges to get the body to the basic chasis shape I was after. Used inset face and extrude a few times to get the cockpit looking right. Created a cylinder below it, then used edge loops and resizing to get a ‘rocket’ underneath it, applied a bevel (Not covered in course so far, but its a great little tool for more organic looking edges) to soften the edge. Also applied bevel to a few edges on the main chasis. I then created anotther cylinder and rotated that thru 90 degrees, pulled the lids off and used edge loops and resizing to make the jet engine part, then used an array to mirror it to the other side. One issue: Is it possible to rotate an object as well as displace when using array?

Update! Quick paintjob knocked together in 3D-coat

Anyway, happy with the result!


this could be really awsome, like the sleek look.

A bit more detail


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