End Of Section 1 Challege

Attached are 2 images. I created plates and a candle stand and then added them to my original section 1 challenge. This is the first image. For this image, I would still like to add pictures to walls. However, I couldn’t figure out how to do this. I’m sure this will be taught down the road. Also, I got some criticism on the chairs being on a straight line. I didn’t organize the chairs the way they should have been and it makes it harder to select the individual chairs. I could fix this, but it will take time. Since this is still the first lesson, I feel my time is better spent continuing the course. Hopefully, I can come back later and fix this part of it. Good learning experience.

The second image highlights the candle stand better and details out the nails that I used on the tables. Most of the nails was not needed because the camera will never show the majority of it. However, I wanted to practice modeling and I feel the original image doesn’t demonstrate all of the work that was done on it.

Hope you enjoy and criticism is always welcome.


Absolutely, early days in the course, often better not to try stuff that will be shown later without all the chasing round trying to find out new procedures.

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