Embarrassing dog

Seeing what everyone else has done, this seems a bit feeble. But, inspired by my beagle, Henry, here is my primitive dog.


I think you did a nice job and is not feeble at all! This course builds upon the basics step by step and getting this far is great! Is much better than what I did at the point in the course you just completed. When you get to the Fluffy Bunny section, where metaballs and sculpting are used, Henry will be more than just a rough outline I am sure! Keep up the great work and have fun with the course.

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Thanks, Morgaine! You’re right: if I was already good at this, what would be the point in taking the course?

Exactly! So hopefully, we will see much more of Henry in the future!

you’ve done a good job :slight_smile:

i made this… (it’s a dog…)
but i can’t even make it on blender :frowning: … now i’m sad :slight_smile:

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