Eevee Shadow Issues

When I toggle light shadows on/off, I get these pixels in Eeevee mode. Any help on how to fix this?

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No idea at all. But I personally tend not to use Eevee for any final render rather than just working. Others here do use it a lot more and may help later.
My surmise is, it is related to whatever makes those horizon light effects.
You have highlighted Light.001, which implies there is possibly another light (or was, might have been deleted)

Nice effect for some use just not this! lol.

Welcome to this site.

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Thanks for the reply!
I’m using Eevee at the moment as I’m following the step-by-step course. I have played around with cycles a bit and found it to be way better regarding shadow details and have no pixel issues there.

This is usually down to the screen space shadows in eevee and the GPU/Drivers not being compatable with the eevee engine.
Some have found updating the drivers fixes the issue but normally this presents itself a lot sooner!
If you would like you can upload the blend file here and i can take a look on my machine to see if the issue is as i suspect the drivers/gpu and not with the blend file itself.

I just played around with some shadow/rendering settings and for some reason after toggling on high bit depth, all the pixels disappeared! Thanks for your reply nonetheless. I did this before updating the drivers, but am updating them now just in case too.

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Thats a new one on me!
Thanks for taking the time to post your solution as its really helpful as its not one i have considered before

Would be interesting to know what happens after the driver update and if turning that off again if the issue is still there or if it is resolved.

Nice job finding that toggle as a possible solution

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Toggled high bit depth off AFTER driver update and works perfectly fine now.
Strange though how before updating drivers that toggle did the trick.
At least now I have the option to actually turn off High Bitdepth :slight_smile:

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Yeah there must be a key update in the drivers and possibly even just one line of code or something that tell it to do its job correctly.
Good to know about the workaround as i can use that now to test if that will solve the issue for them or they need to update their card itself

Thanks again for working through this Denise

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a happy accident, but I like the first ‘glowing’ version very much.

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Have no idea how to get the disco bowling version back now that I fixed the drivers!


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