Eevee Bowling Render

So I did the new scene and render it out in Eevee with SSR and Shadows turned on and got this as the result.

The extra options make it indeed look better than a “bland” Eevee setting, but I still do prefer the cycles look. Mainly because the SSR here makes some weird artifacts eg. on the left most pin.


I don’t know if it’s explained on the course, but there is one thing named Reflection Plane which is found under Light Probe. Which may help to improve this behaviour.

What happens is that SSR only calculates what is seen from the camera point, like the back side of the pin is not visible, then it glitches the reflection.

When a Reflection Plane is added, it calculates everything, visible and not visible (like cycles), so you may see correct reflections from the back side of the pins.

This is a very good video explaining these probes. I marked where he added the Reflection Plane, but you may want to watch it all :slight_smile:


Michael briefly touches on reflection planes in the animated lamp section

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Thank you for telling me about the reflection plane. I now tried that and also reduced the power of the lamp in the scene and it looks much closer that the cycles render output now.


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