EAT: Our game for the October Unreal Game Jam

I recently participated in the Unreal Game Jam with my team of three people. We made a game called EAT

First two days I was deep into making music with Reason for the game but after that I exchanged roles with our main programmer and had an opportunity to sink my teeth into blueprints. Suffice to say this course helped a lot.

The game was ok , obviously a ton of room for improvements and its problems quite obvious.

The experience was awesome , though we had some intense fights with one of the members of team (in the end I was proven right for many of the things I was complaining about) , nevertheless every single member did his best and we fully commited to the effort and tried to work as a team. I learned a lot of things and at last I made my first game

Highly recommended to give it a try even if you are like me and have little clue about Unreal.

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Nice work. It’s great to try working as a team because it can be incredibly challenging. Especially with creative projects like a game.

The teamwork was actually fairly easy , we divided roles from early on and each knew what to do. On the other hand we did not have much time so we kept everything simple. There is only so much you can do in one week.

Working by myself would have been far more challenging,

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