Duuuuuude what about XCode? Lol

That microsoft visual studio stuff is cool! It’s all makin’ functions and stuff you you and it has all this cool awesomesauce stuffing all rammed inside of it.
Like dude, man, what about XCode? Lol I have no idea if it has these cool little thingies.
I’m just starting out here by the way, i’m amazed I haven’t crashed my computer yet. You scare me when you say I “Know enough to be DANGEROUS” Like, WHOAH
I’m afraid, but I feel soooo cool. I have to watch and listen to the videos several times for hings to sink in, code is like, not very nice to visual learners. I’m mainly an artist. But I want to code because I like being a one man team.
Any tips for using XCode along with this? This section was like, “Whoah, does XCode do any of this stuff?” It seems like it does, but I’ll have to play with it…

I’ll give you a little peace of mind, once you start using UE4 the intellisense functions seem to just magically not want to work. You’re not missing a ton :stuck_out_tongue:

… um… ZOINKS :scream:

What about XCode?
The courses offered here are about Unity, Unreal, and Blender.
They use the common IDEs for each engine Monodevelop for Unity, and Visual Studio for Unreal,
If they covered every IDE people use, they would have to devote a hundred plus hours to the various IDEs.

If you like XCode, and want to use it to make Unity and Unreal games, then use it, but realize you’ll have to get use to the differences in IDEs, and may have to do research if something works in Monodevelop but not in XCode.
If you want to learn to use it to make iOS apps, I recommend Rob Percivals course https://www.udemy.com/complete-ios-10-developer-course/

I’m discovering that I can survive with XCode and a little helper named Sam popped up during the course. It was pretty awesome. ANd my main goal is not iOS apps, it’s just Unreal for the time being. Which I know it can make iOS apps.
My main point is I’m on a mac. I can’t run Visual Studio. It’s unreal i want to learn, so monodevelop is like… yeah, that’s Unity. Which maybe i’ll learn that in the future or something.

I was seeing if anyone knew of anything that xcode does that’s similar to visual studio, maybe to help me out a little. like, renaming multiple functions at a time by highlighting it or something. So far I’ve just been being really careful. But yeah, I get that i’m not using the same IDE

But that being said, i’m not a totally helpless damsel in distress, I’m aware I might have to look a thing or two up. Getting a reply on here about something similar that XCode does that Visual Studio does would be more of a shortcut for me.

While I’m using a PC and not a Mac for this course, I can’t relate to the Xcode issues. However, I’d definitely recommend that if you find the work around in Xcode, please post it in these forums. That way if people have questions they can check here to see if a fellow mac user has already figured it out.

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