Duplication/Rotation Practice: Wind Chime



I played around for awhile to create this wind chime. Once I got into the mode of duplicating sets of chimes on strings, I was able to put the basic design of this together very quickly. I probably spent about 3x longer just playing around with shapes to add decoration to plain pieces.
Overall, everything went well… until it didn’t:
I decided to scale the entire thing and moved it around all over the place and – well ! – I didn’t realize I was losing strings and chime holes in the process. It was a very tough fix-up job. -_-
A valuable lesson to learn…

I think I will color this in sometime.


If you have same objects, use linked duplicates It will result, in a single object to maintain. And (linked) copies will change also.

Select object, press Alt+d, then move the copied object.

Don’t forget the last move command, otherwise you will have multiple copies on the same spot, leading to render problems.


I thought there must be some way to bind objects together, so I explored some menus but I couldn’t get it to work. “Linked Duplicates”… I’ll have to look into that more.
I’m uber new to this, so I have a lot to learn yet! ^^
In the end, after stuff got messed up, I found that I was accidentally creating multiple duplicates on top of eachother. It seems easy to do when things are being editted constantly! Thanks for the heads up @FedPete!


This is incredible :open_mouth:


Thanks Reaver!
It did turn out beautifully, if I do say so myself. A reference picture really helped me put the basics together. Little bit of design duplicated and rotated can go a long way! =D


looking at this has impressed me. I’m now looking at my work thinking I can do LOT better.


Eh, well… it was good practice, but way unnecessary. I invested too much time in it because I like intricate-looking things, and OCD starts to drive me!
As recommended, it’s really best to keep things simple.
For one, you’re going to learn much easier ways to build complex things.
Secondly, it can be frustrating building complex things with such a basic skill level. It’s easy for us newbies to get ourselves in “a pickle”.

I made the wind chime for the same reason you want to build something more complex now. I saw a couple cool computer desks people made and said, " I should try my hand at something more complex, like you guys"
I was very happy with what I made, but it would have been more worth my time to keep moving with the lessons.
I think I’d reeeaalllly like to sculpt ! 8d


Good work where did you get the idea from?


I was just trying to think of something complex to make, and I don’t know if I was playing around when I thought of it, but a wind chime came to mind.
Then I looked for reference images and saw ones with spiraled chimes, so I decided on that kind.