Duplicate Challenge problems

Hello all.
I am very new to Blender and 3d in general. I am trying to do the well, but having problems constructing the roof. I have watched the lecture a few times now, but when it comes to the roof, the speed is just too fast and I am unable to follow it, even when slowing it right down. I just cannot get the angle of the end support beams right. (the triangle). Can anyone help please?

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I don’t think you need to follow exactly the step in the tutorial.
A bit of creativity and re-use of previously learned skills.

The best way to do exact rotation and positioning stuff is to to work in frontal or side views!

If you do this in 3D view and make a mistake in selecting rotation, grabbing options, you’re in trouble.

Some tips:

So press NUMERIC key path ‘1’ to go into Front othographic mode.

Select your object, press ‘r’ for ROTATE and move your mouse.
While doing so, you can press Ctrl also for 5 degree steps.

Press NUMERIC key path ‘1’ then ‘9’ to go into Back othographic mode.
The ‘NINE’ does the reversed view. Front back, left right, etc.

If you want to make the beam longer or shorter, after rotation, go into edit mode.
Select the face you need to make the mesh shorter / longer.
Press ‘g’ for grab.

The Blender magic starts when pressing ‘z’ for the ax movement (or ‘x’ for X-ax, ‘y’ Y-ax.

A single ‘z’ means move along the z-ax of the WORLD view.

BUT PRESSING ‘z’ twice, as in ‘gzz’, Grabbing local Z-ax, which is perpendicular to the plane. Now you can make the beam longer or shorter.

The purpose of the well was not for you to reproduce it, specifically, but as an example of what can be done just by moving and resizing a cube.

Remember, at this stage, your just starting out. perfection is not required. Just give it your best shot, and have fun with it. And if your not sure about something, here’s a couple tips: 1) Watch it again. 2) If the host is moving to fast for you, slow down the video a notch by clicking the Settings icon, then Playback Speed, then “0.25”; I’ve used this a number of times and it helps.

Thank you so much to you both for your help.

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