Doubt on how to proceed with the finish it course

So I’m currently working on a app project and I just bought this course and am almost at 25% completion. So my question is should I blaze through the course first and then resume my project or do the course for like 1hr everyday while continuing my project? I do my project at night after work so I don’t have a whole lot of time. The project is a personal one, just for hobby but I do have a lot of them planned. I haven’t really completed any of my previous projects and am determined to finish this one and publish it if its the last thing I do, since I have almost completed it. The problem for me is time as the other projects that I have planned are more important to my career and I need to start doing them as soon as the current one ( and one more personal project ) is over and I feel like if it takes too much time, I might drop this one again.

Hi Leo,

I am almost finished this course and I 100% recommend you finish it first. Think back to when he said in the first section about divided attention. It seems like this course will help centre that.

Put this course to the top and use that current project you want to do as the foundation for it. I was literally in same boat as you. I float from tutorial to tutorial, project to project but found this course centred me.

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I dont know if this will help, but i am doing the course while working on a project. I am using it as a tutorial of sorts so if something goes wrong i know exactly where to go back to. I think it really depends on your learning style. if your short on time perhapse it would be better to blaze threw it and work off your workbook. Either way good luck!

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I think the course is better done slowly. Take some time, do a few lessons, and then wait at least a few days before coming back to it. If you can, take some time to try to implement the suggestions before going on. Don’t think of it as a course you must finish before going onto the next, take the course alongside your other courses.

All of these lessons/suggestions are entire books worth of subjects on their own and should be digested slowly over time and worked into your life style. If you just blitz through them, you’ll miss a lot of the experience. I think even 1 hr a day on this course might be too much in terms of watching videos. Try to watch videos slowly over time, saving your night time sessions mostly for your main project, and then during the day think about and try to put into practice some of what you’ve learned from Finish It while away from your computer.

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