Don't forget to save, crashed when creating prefab and lost all work

Seems I have to start over, dragging my car down to create the prefab crashed Unity and I lost all progress. :frowning: Was hoping I’d hit an autosave when I started back up but I did not.

Is there an already created one for this part of the class? I suppose I don’t have to do too much to get back here, but bummed I have to start all over again.

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Ok, I recovered, and made cooler “vehicles” this time but a reminder to save would be good and no idea why it crashed as it didn’t repro when I tried again.

Hi mle_ii,

Unfortunately, Unity crashes from time to time, and there is no way to ensure that data never gets lost. For this reason, make a backup of your project folder on a regular basis, e.g. by duplicating it. Save the duplicated folder somewhere else, maybe on an USB stick. To save some free space, you could delete the Library and Temp folders in the backup folder.

If you cannot retrieve your project for some reason, you could download Rick’s project state of the current lecture via the link in the resources of the video. It’s not the best solution but at least you won’t have to start over.

Hopefully, this helped a bit. :slight_smile:

And yes, saving is crucial. I’m so paranoid, my fingers are always near Ctrl and S and keep pressing the keys every couple of seconds when doing something important on my computer.

Yeah, unfortunately for me Unit has crashed multiple times. Almost lost another project but luckily I figured out a way to get it back. I do hit save all the time but in one case I almost lost it as it saved when it crashed in a state where I was changing something and when I reopened it parts of the project were missing. I was able to get it back but it does make me wonder about the advice when starting this class to use specific versions of things. Seems like being on the latest minor/patch version for the one talked about would be idea as it might mean fewer crashes.

If Unity crashes multiple times and if that happens with different projects, there might be a problem with Unity. Depending on the version you use, it could indeed make sense to update.

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