Doing The Minecraft Clone Asset Store Challenge

So, I typed in Minecraft to search the asset store. … go for the low hanging fruit … Was expecting to see just object assets, like characters, weapons, blocks. There’s numerous of them, as expected.

I was surprised to see full on voxel terrain generators.
I found three. One “Next Gen” version for Unity 4. The other two were more blockish in Minecraft’s style.

The one gem that stood out was the Emerald AI Asset.!/content/40199
Did not expect to see something like this at all. Could easily see me buying this.

So with $100 Bucks, I found I could kickstart development a minecraft clone prototype . Would have much work head of me to integrate assets together and a good deal of design work to make a whole application. One of the big questions not answered would be multi-player and getting that to work if the design required it.