Do you need to rebuild through windows \ webgl again if you polish the game?

Say I optimize my game or change some things I want. Do I need to go through the build process we are shown in this video once again, be it for the desktop or for the web, every time I decide to polish the game or is there like an alternative shortcut way to skip the building if we just do some polishing? Just curious thanks!

Yes. If you make changes to the game, you have to rebuild it. There are some more advanced things like streaming assets and addressables (if they’re not the same thing) and stuff which I don’t know anything about that I think will allow you to load things without rebuilding, but I have no experience with it so I cannot give you any more information. But generally if you made a change, that change does not exist in a built game until you rebuild it.

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thank you :grinning:

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