Do we need to add a seperate 3d node for every 3d object we create in a scene?

Hey guys, just trying to get my head around the node system in Godot and I need to know are we supposed to add a new 3dnode every time we make a new object? such as in the Project Boost course we make a platform, landing pad and launch pad. Do I need a new 3d node for each pad or can we use one 3d node typically for every scene? is my understanding right that the point of making a 3d node is that all scripts and children of the 3d node inherit 3d properties such as an x, y, z value, can have 3d physics etc? I’m trying to understand how this node system works.

What if we made a 3d level and wanted to make buildings in the level, do we just make one 3d node and then add all prefabs of buildings and characters just as children of that node? along with any appropriate meshes for 3d objects?

Assuming you’re talking about Node3D (and not MeshInstance3D - technically everything with a red node icon is a 3D node), the short answer is, it depends on exactly what the object scene is doing. There are situations in which you can get away without a Node3D at all, like for a static billboard that doesn’t collide/interact with anything and sits in the distance (dump a MeshInstance somewhere, give it a mesh, done. It just sits there; it doesn’t need more functionality than that). There are also probably situations in which you need several Node3Ds on the same object, although I haven’t encountered that.

The best advice I can give you at the moment is to trust in Bram and try to continue through the course, doing your best to reflect on why he designs his node trees the way he does (look at the inspector for each node and see the sorts of things you can do). That sounds like a cop-out, but I say this because the more examples you see, the more sense it will all make. To really understand something, sometimes the only answer is to work with it some more =)


Thanks for your reply, its very helpful. So basically we assign nodes to other nodes to give them the functionality that they need for their role in the game? so really the nodes we need depend upon the role of the object itself in the game, or game loop?

I’m just perusing the documentation for nodes as I go through the videos which is quite helpful to understand why Bram does what he does in the videos, as you were talking about. I also just found the documentation for GDScript which is excellent, it really helps to break things down as a newbie as I find a little bit of it goes over my head at times, its getting clearer every passing day though.


Now you’ve got the idea, well done :+1:

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