Discovering #Godot - Course still alive?

Hi all

I like to know if the course update will be continued? After HeistMasters3.1 finished there were no updates anymore. Are there any updates planed on the 3D side of the course?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Gepetto, it does seem that HeistMeisters remaster to 3.1 has stalled part way through. I think there are maybe 12 lessons from the 3.0 version which are yet to be converted to 3.1.

I have noticed that Yann & Mikey have launched a new company offering an intermediate Godot course on Udemy. So perhaps it’s unlikely that Yann will finish the remaster. I don’t know, just guessing.

Maybe there are people being approached to take over the Godot course (I hope so as it’s great), or maybe Ben’s going to stick to Unity & Unreal from now on.

I do think it would be right for Ben to make an announcement about this.

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as far as I know its still alive. but if your working through the course as it stands and hitting any stumbling blocks. pop a question up here or the QnA and im sure other students of the course who may have solutions will help out in the interim.

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The update of the course is one thing, the other is C# course for godot that Ben planned. Any info about it?

nothing that ive heard so far, im sure that once there is more information there will be an announcement for it on Udemy / Discord and or here. sorry that i dont have anything more :frowning:

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You dont need to apologize, its not your fault that some instructors have problems with communication with clients.

Force of habit heh :slight_smile: