Dinning set

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Did you intend to post this under the Unity Certification category @Dadbeh_Dowlatshahi?

I am not quite sure, I was going to post it under S01 Intro category

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…but for Blender yes?

That’s right

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You can change the category by clicking on the edit icon next to the titl;

You can then either scroll through the list, or type enter some criteria to filter the list, for example, the name (or part of) the section of the course you are posting with regards to;

Also, within the courses on Udemy, GameDev.tv have included a link to each category on the forum for you which relates to the specific section of the course, these can be found under Resources on the left-hand side of the Udemy website and have the word Discussion in their title;

By using those links, your post will be created within the Blender category, and also the specific course section sub-category.

I hope this is of use, any problems let me know :slight_smile:

By the way, I really like the dining set model you created - very good :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your explanation, I have editted my topic and put it under the correct category, also I am so happy you liked my work which encourages me to work harder.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

There are both weekly and monthly challenges that the community run here, so if you fancy joining in at any point it can be a great way to see other people’s work and also push yourself to try more new things. Each week / month someone chooses a new theme and off everyone goes again :slight_smile:

Here’s some examples;

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