Difficulty Creating Stairs

Just wanted to see how everyone else found making the stairs? I was unable to complete this challenge. For the first time since beginning the course, I had to skip forward and see how it was done. Even then, I’m actually still unable to complete my stairs. If anyone could help me, I’d be appreciative.

I can make the vert along the side of the stair walls, extrude it over to snap to the face on the other side of the stair wall. I then go on to select both faces of my newly made stair and click “p” to separate it. After I go over and select my newly separated step, click array, I can see it duplicate my step, but it is joined to my original step as one object. I must have done something wrong in this part of the exercise. It’s highly frustrating. Help me!

If it helps, I can do a screen capture or small video to explain it better than I can as a noob.

hi there
you can try with simple things
create cube
face off)
and apply arrays + play with offset
and learn how separate works, when you ll try with pyramid
it helps me

and keep practise - frustrating its normal mind state when he works especially when you grab new knowlege)

sry for my english)

btw off auto merge in edit mode

This helped me so much! I think the problem was that I was not playing around with the XYZ offset values enough. I have managed to make my stairs now! I can’t say thank you enough for your help.

Here’s my Pyramid now with the added stairs. They don’t QUITE line up with that top edge completely, but its so close, and I’m happy that I got this far. Looking forward to going on to next lecture now!

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Hey @PETERETOUCH, I had the same issue. I found that switching to Ortho sideview when first building the stairs helped. This is because when I made my first set of stairs they didn’t sit properly in the rails, so when I made my copies and moved them they gradually became out of sync with my ramp. The second time I made them I played around with my vertices until they were snapped to the ramp. This meant they were uniform and followed the angle of the ramp properly. I had to skip forward as well, so don’t worry. I hope this helps?

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