Dialogue: When compiling to WebGL nextbutton don't show up

Trying to build for WebGL in Dialogue don’t show any nextbutton but it runs fine when playing in Editor. I have used #if UNITY_EDITOR to be able to build for WebGL when using Editor script.

I’m not sure what the significance of the if UNITY_EDITOR when it comes to WebGL… the same requirements apply when building to any platform.

Hmmm… I just made the conversion and switched to WebGL and the next button worked, but the player response was broken… I don’t have an immediate fix for this, as debugging WebGL is hard, especially when the issue is the UI, not the code itself.

After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that this isn’t an uncommon problem with WebGL in general. Different browsers have different capablities, and UI seems to be a problem.

Thank you. When building to WebGL I cannot even see the next button but it is working in editor. I have tried both Firefox and Chrome. I have to check out the UI part more thoroughly in the Dialogue course.

It may simply not work in WebGL.

Maybe the problem is because it is interacting with unity editor code, soo maybe I have to find a solution interacting with scriptable objects instead because I have that part from Inventory Course working in WebGL.