Detect Collision on Parent Class that Doesn't Have a Mesh Assigned


I’m trying to have a static mesh actor recognize collision with a projectile so that I can apply damage to the static mesh actor so that once it receives enough damage it will be destroyed. I want to set up a component to register collision but everything I look up has a defined mesh before it can find collision, however this is a parent class for a bunch of platforms with different meshes on each of them, and so the parent doesn’t have a definite shape or size of mesh. How would I setup collision recognition like this, when the actual mesh the projectile will collide with isn’t defined until the child classes?


Just to make sure I understand you correctly you want to add a component to a static mesh actor that would be handling damage from a projectile?


Yes, I figured it would be easier for my static mesh actor class to be the one recognizing collision in this scenario as it was the registering the damage/collision, but if its easier for the projectile to do so I’m all ears. I already have the projectile recognizing collision with the parent class, so if its easier to set up some sort of function to apply damage that will be called when the projectile recognizes collision as opposed to when the platform recognizes collision, that might be better. I’m just pretty new so I’m still working out the kinks of troubleshooting in my own project.


Have you not done BattleTank? As that section covers that.


Its been a while. I’ll go back through the lectures that cover this again. I think that I was put off initially because of the function about dealing radial damage, and I was probably overthinking the systems required.

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