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Hello, I’m struggling with normals maps, when linking it to low poly model, it doesn’t look as details as high poly one, I felt it lost way too many details compare to Grant’s model, is it because it doesn’t have enough faces?

Compare the cycles rendered version, low poly with normal map.

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No, you have more than enough faces. You should be able to get away with 1/4 of the faces and the bake should look good… :thinking:

Some things to double check:

  • Low-Poly starting material should be a duplicate of the High-Poly model’s material. That makes the comparison better.
  • Make sure you’re setting the normal-map texture to non-color-data.
  • Don’t compare with MatCap viewport - it is better to compare the Material-Views on both models as it will give a better representation. MatCap is not very representative of the final “look”.
  • Ensure stretching is at least in the dark side of cyan or bluer for your unwrap…
  • The UV island for the head should be much bigger than the other islands.
  • If the texture you’re baking on is too low-resolution, then some details will not be captured. You can up the normal map strength to make pixilation more obvious. If you see pixilation, revisit your unwrap or up the resolution of your texture.
  • Be aware that deep crevasses tend to look better with cavity-map added, so it may be useful to continue to that lecture and re-visit the normal-maps if you’re still not happy with the results.

Good luck.


May I ask why the head need to be bigger than others island? Does it help with containing more details from the high poly mesh?

I’m unsure which texture you are talking about, is it the norm map? I made my normal map 2048 px- 2048px. I also find it helps putting my extrusion to 0.0009, I’m still struggling understanding and balancing between extrusion and max ray. Could you explain a bit more about this part?

Thank you for your answers, I really appreciate it.

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This applies to any texture you’re baking on. It will always be a bitmap. In this case, yes, the normal map.

This is dependent on the geometry of your model and requires experimentation. Play around with the values to see the outcome and form your understanding on that.

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