Design advice needed

Hi folks - I have a project in mind, but don’t really know how to proceed. I would like to design my own cloak clasp, which is a slightly domed plane with raised details on it. The issue I am having is: what is the most effective way to go about this? Should I create a flat plane, add details, then dome the entire thing? Create a dome plane, then add the raised details to it (which would involve trying to match the slope and angle of the domed plane? Is there a way to lock the relative position of the details to their respective points on the dome plane?
I have searched various tutorials and videos and cannot find an analogue to what I am trying to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Garry Wakely

You could use a plane with some subdivides and use proportional editing tool to make your dome with enough geometry. Or, you could create a plan and add 1/2 sphere for your dome. Since I don’t know what kind of details you wish to add, you may have to manually rotate your additional details. You can change the rotation point of your geometry to a particular edge or vert to help in how your added pieces rotate. You can also copy and past location and rotation from your original object to other objects if that is what you are referring to regarding relative position.

Not sure my answer will help you so hopefully, some of the more advanced/experienced users can help answer that question for you.

Happy Creating!

I’m not sure if this will give you what you’re looking for, but if you go over the Blender Photorealistic Ring tutorial by tutor4u, it could give you some ideas on how to go about it. I know I learned some interesting things from it.

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