Demo of my Number Wizard Implementation

In order to save me some trouble from dealing with the unity player plugin, I hosted my game to my personal space:

I have followed the tutorial which beyond help was an inspiration to push this a bit more.
All of the assets are from open sources or of my personal designs which I am gladly offering.
Please let me know your thoughts and especially on the topics of:

  • How to optimize size in order for the game to load faster.
  • UX

On an other side now, while guessing I was thinking to make use of a guessCounter I had in order to bring an other pet into the scene. My problem is that I could not simulate a delay so the transition would wait for a couple of seconds before happening. If anyone has something to suggest I would be thankful!

Cheers and see you for more.

Hey there! I really liked your Number Wizard! I thought that graphically it looked amazing, and the music really made it fun!

The only thing I can think of, is to add something once my number is guessed. After a few guesses my number came up, so I clicked the “Found It” button, but then I was just taken right back to the beginning. Where is my feeling of defeat!? haha

Overall this was really awesome!

This is pretty awesome! Might I ask how you got the webpage that holds the game up and working?

Hej, well I owned the domain so I just uploaded all the files from the html5 build Unity gave me.

Oh cool so its built into the build itself?

I am not so sure about this. I need to search how its being implemented.