Debugging methods

Hey everyone! I was just thinking about how annoying and stressful debugging can be, and I also know that during this course I have picked up my own ways of tackling those pesty bugs that refuse to magically disappear. My girlfriend got me a stuff animal duck for me to use when I told her about rubber duck debugging. At first I thought it was a weird concept. two weeks later and I’m talking to him on a daily basis trying to figure out how to resolve every issue that arises in my games.

So has anyone else gave in and started the rubber duck debugging and what object do you talk to? Have you picked up your own methods that you find helpful?

I like to use something I call step-wise refinement, get minimal code working, then only make SMALL CHANGES and go back and make sure it still runs, over and over again. Then when something goes sideways, its easier to hunt down the bug. It also doubles as a lot game-play! :smiley:

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