Day 300 - My Text101 Game

Hello friends! I’m here to share my version of the Text101 text adventure. I powered through the programming side of it rather quickly, choosing to focus more on the writing aspect, as I am excited to move on to the next section.

I started with Ben’s template for the prison escape, but embellished or changed things as it interested me. My initial vision of the prison cell was in a stone castle, so the 4-digit code pad felt inappropriate. I changed it to another mechanism to feel novel but still believable for the setting. I chuckled at Ben’s description of the filthy bedsheets and decided to incorporate them into the puzzle. I also included some story threads that I may continue into future projects (you are wrongfully imprisoned, and sprung with the help of a revolutionary group). I had a lot of fun coming up with the escape sequence and fleshing out the minutia of the text.

If the text runs off the page and you can’t see the next key you are supposed to press, try ‘C’ or ‘R.’ Give it a play/read and let me know what you think!

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