CYOA - The spy who knew better

We are in the Middle of the cold war, the player is a french undercover spy that has to meet an informant in Prague, after some of his colleagues have been killed and the remain of a friend, also a spy, is currently unclear.

  1. The player: Stephane Mercier a Middle-Aged French Business Man that fought in the resistance during the second world war and now works for the French secret service.


  1. The City Prague during the mid-sixties. Prague was a center of attention due to liberal movements that lead to the “Prague spring” in 68.


  1. The threat: Several agents have been killed and it is unclear who knew that they were agents and where they were. Alistair Dunnican a friend from the british secret service was seen in Prague the last time. There must be mole.

  2. The Goal: Find and save Allistair, find the mole and escape from the Russian and Eastern German spy forces to West -Berlin.