Crystal Cavern Lerp Issue

Howdy, was on episode 32 of the unreal BluePrint course and was getting the crystal to lerp to the players location, however for some reason the getActorLocation call is returning the value for the playerStart rather than the actual player location! and thus making the crystal go towards the playerstart instead.
I know that this is definitely the case as I’m printing the player location and the value is that of the playerstart

Below are screenshots of the event graph and the game printing the player location

Hi there! It seems like your player pawn does not have the sphere mesh as the root of your pawn. Can you show be the blueprint for your pawn?

Yeah, that was it! For future referemce, why did that cause the issue?

When you apply physics to a component that is not the root of an Actor, only the component moves.

So while it looked like the player was moving, it wasn’t.

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