Crypt Raider can't grab the statue

I just followed the instructions in the Crypt Raider section in lecture 96. but when I want to grab the statue it can’t and after I pause the game there is a message log error like this.

and here is the code

so what is the error?

The error message says it’s an issue with a blueprint, I had the same issue earlier on a different project because my BP nodes weren’t connected correctly. You should be able to click on the error messages and they’ll take you to where the issues are located.

I already clicked it but it doesn’t take me where the issues located

Mm. That’s no good. I’m no good with code unfortunately. Someone who is will definitely be by to help though, longest I had to wait was maybe a day. Also the discord is pretty active during the day, wouldn’t hurt to ask there also.

yeah that’s right but I just wait here until someone can help me, thanks for your help!

As with your other post that suggests your BP_Player doesn’t have a grabber component on it.

I already have the grabber component on the BP_Player but it still doesn’t want to grab the statue.

oh yes and when I want to compile my code it have an error like this on lecture 98

here is the code

Remove the semicolon on line 92

do you find the solution for the can’t grab the statue? Because I still can’t grab the statue

Have you tried adding logs to the function to see where it’s failing?

how to add the logs to the function?

Same way you added one in Release.

this one?

In C++, your Release function. Add logs to your Grab function to see what’s not working e.g. Do you hit anything?

on the vscode right? The “Grabber.h” or the “Grabber.cpp”?

In the .cpp where you have defined the function.

I can’t find the Release function on the .cpp

It’s on line 68 but I meant of your screenshot in your other thread (I got mixed up, sorry), it shows you logging.

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Some text"))

Use logs to determine where it’s going wrong.

so I just do that on top of the “UPhysicsHandleComponent”?


like this

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