Criticism needed ^^ (Toy Castle)

Hey guys! I’ve created a Toy Castle. I’d really like to hear you criticism

Hope I’ll get something ^-^


Oooh! That looks really neat. I like the little cube parapets on the rampart. I can picture little low poly soldiers hiding behind them already! Also, the soldiers are bad at their job. They left the drawbridge down!

Omg, thank you so much! I think, ill keep working in it. Wanna see the results then?

I’d love to see how it comes out!

Thank you so much, for those Ideas. I’ve created some Soldiers and made some Trees for the Castle too. The drawbridge was going to come up, but then… The Canon Army came!!
Just take a look for yourself :wink:

Hope You’ll see it ^-^

The canon army is best army.

Omg, i love you Humor its so funny :rofl: :joy:
Well, i dont think they are… They destroyed my soldiers :frowning:

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