Crediting derivative works

Looking for opinions from experienced devs and newbies alike: given the majority of the courseware is on GitHub without any specific license, and @ben appears very sanguine about republishing and derivative works, how best can we credit him in our builds?

I’ve taken a crack at it with my Block Breaker derivative here which is not intended as a commercial build but as a customised build for specific CoderDojo devices for my ninjas to learn on. I’d like to start off right and ensure the guys are properly credited, do you think the way I’ve done it is appropriate? Thanks!

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That’s what “credits” pages in games are there for?

Just mention anyone you like. Even with CC0 licence you can still credit the source. You just don’t have to :wink:

As @GamedevCala said. I embrace the spirit of what your saying. But that seems fair and just credit. As for Ben he gets to see how his teachings are inspiring so much creation…

Any crediting appreciating but not required guys. If you’ve made a successful app it’s mainly your hard work.