Crazy deathless bloodsports anime

Crazy/funny: The game is centered around nanotechnology and all the crazy things people can do with it. Violence and gore is pretty much slapstick comedy in this game. Much of the dialogue comes off as hammy. Some “fanservice” too. The hero tends to snark a lot, but he still sees the humor in some of his situations.

Deathless bloodsports: Thanks to nanotech, people’s wounds heal fast. This allows for over-the-top attacks that spill a lot of blood without causing harm to the victim. The nanotech even maintains and protects cities from the wastelands outside. Bloodsports aren’t the only things nanotech is used for.

Anime: A mix of common anime themes in fighting, romance, a question of whether or not technology is evil.

There are some darker moments too. Apocalypitc wastelands where nanotech is scarce and violence has consequences; the hero is normally withdrawn due to an incident in his past, though he is trying to make a living. Everyone around him has varying levels of attitude and honor.

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