Course idea: procedural content general

I’d just like to suggest, have you ever considered making a procedural generation course? maybe something that focuses on procedural generation of the following items:

Environments (trees, rocks, buildings, space, planets, biomes, flora, fauna)
Buildings (villages, towns, dungeons, churches, caverns, farms, volcanoes, space stations, asteroid belts)
NPCs (monsters, villagers, priests, farmers, quest givers, travelers, mercenaries, randomized characters, aliens,)
Noise types (perlin noise, simplex noise, wavelet noise, any other type of noise to begin with)
Items (weapons, swords, shields, hammers, rifles, pistols, tomes, staffs, wands, helmet, gloves, chest piece, greaves, boots, rings, amulets, spellbooks)
Music (randomized notes from scales)
Text (procedurally generated text for books, stories, manuscripts, spells)

Just an idea but I would purchase that course straight away because I cannot find any decent courses that teach that kind of knowledge,


I would definitely buy one with the environment, building, and NPC ones. I also think that there’s a lack of instruction in this area, and I’m trying to make a game with a lot of it.