Course feedback - Unreal C++ Developer

Hello guys I am new and happy to be here. I’m not sure if this is the correct place for giving feedback. Although, I couldn’t easily find a place via Udemy.

Firstly, I am really enjoying the course and gaining a lot from it. However, I do have one thing I would like to point ouit where I am slightly disappointed in truth (disclaimer: I haven’t yet been through entire course, but I have skimmed through it).

Basically, I do not like to start with all this starter content. Like the bull cow game has all the scene and even the terminal already included and set up by magic. There seems to be no mention of what a ‘UCartridge’ is, it’s presented as if it is just there as part of the engine workflow.

I would absolutely have loved it, if there was such topics as building a character from scratch. One with both first person and third person views available. And perhaps how to add weapons into hands correctly and things like this.

I understand the use of pre-provided meshes and other assets such as audio etc. But when the pre-provided template has coded functions it makes it confusing right from the stat (especially in terms of trying to take the info we are learning and adapt it into a new and original idea/game).

Anyway that aside, this is by far my favourite course I have taken and it is very encouraging to see the amount of effort your team put in to adding changes and new challenges. I really like the course in general and have in fact purchased the multiplayer master course too.

Lastly, do you guys offer a dedicated FPS Shooter (ideally network multiplayer) course?

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Thank you for the amazing feedback. We will take it into consideration. We are glad you are enjoying the course. :slight_smile: