Convict Torpedo - How far can you launch your convict?

Gamejams are a great way to overcome challenges and really push you as a developer. I have been hard at it again, this time with an underwater themed jam. Dive Jam. The theme was one breath.

In the future the world flooded, taking with it life as we know it. The world plunged beneath the sea. Vast complexes established themselves on the ocean floor. Life seemed desolate and alone.

Chaos grew and so did crime. Murder, theft, rape. There seemed no end to the turmoil. All until one leader found the most definitive solution. A cleansing wave swept across the mega cities and all those who dared rebel against society were imprisoned. With an abundance of prisoners, Capital punishment became a sport and entertainment. Thus Convict Torpedo was born!

How Far Will Your Convict Go?

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Just Updated to version 0.2!

Newly added Convict Profile System. Check it out here.

Update 0.3 Now including Upgrades

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