Continued with my cat!

I tried to convey a specific mood- he’s little kitty wandering around in the streets!


Sleek but crosseyed!
Not sure what is making the lines of varying specularity, I would imagine the combing would not be sideways but something needs a little tweak.
Relative of Clarence. Now there is an age test reference. :rofl:

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Haha! The crossed eyes and the weird fur are on purpose! I wanted to make him look like he’s been through some stuff

I was just going to say the same thing. :wink:

I also noticed his whiskers look like they’re going out to the sides of his face in the front view (second) render, but they look like they’re going forward in the side view (first) render.

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I like it… Add a moth or a fly sitting on his nose :smiley:

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