Const int variable declaration

I was asked to be brave and write here. Here we go!
Declaring variables with const int will make the variable impossible to change.

cont is short form of constant and keep the value constant threw out is my asumption

My guess is that no matter where else you use that variable, it won’t be able to chance its value. It will be CONSTant (ha-ha) throughout the program?

the const is a promise to not change the variable, since i work mostly solo i know what to change and what not to change, but working in groups is a different story. The const keyword just helps in telling the designer designing the level what to put and what not to put and what you dont wanna change and what you wanna change.

Const means constant and it willmake the variable constant/ unchangeable

I think that const stands for constant and it makes the following data type constant which means that it can’t be changed after it’s initialized, or else it will throw an error.