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Just wondered whether, under Unity, much like you have the “Showcase” sub-forum, there would be some value in having a sub-forum for the “Unity Game Development in 24 Hours” book?

It is obviously related to the parent forum, it’s a good plug for the book, and it would also offer anyone who has purchased the book a landing spot for support.

A step further might be to have its own domain which simply links to Amazon and also to here for support? Not sure how things are set up with yourself and Mike/Pearsons so just thought I’d throw it out there.

I’ve just asked the publisher about this and am waiting to hear, thanks @Rob

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No worries, just thought it might be useful. I would imagine quite a few people picked up the book from the course/FB posts, so having somewhere to ask questions about the contents or, like I did, provide any feedback - or just talk about the games contained within the chapters and perhaps their own person adaptations of them etc, could be handy :slight_smile:

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Any news on this @ben?

Waiting to hear from publisher and will chase, thanks

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Honestly the book wasn’t my greatest hour (or 24 for that matter). I prefer mediums where I can make rapid edits in response to feedback.

I’ll decline to create a forum here, but thanks Rob!

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I’m reconsidering this as the publishers are not being very reliable when it comes to hosting and updating book files. Doesn’t deserve it’s own top-level forum, and it’s no more about #unity than #certification for example. Under #lounge sound good if I do it?

Bit confused regarding the location, but if you think that’s best then it think it would be good to have a spot for it.

If you were to add an "About the … " kind of topic, perhaps pop a link to it on Amazon etc also (.com which I think will redirect to a users local version of Amazon if available)… kindle version too if there is one?

Do you know if any of those copious edits I sent you ever went anywhere? Not sure if there was an online addendum etc?

Hi Rob, the publisher is being really slow responding. The edits will eventually make it into a reprint, however I’ll chase them re the online version.

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No worries, from memory (and I still have the files here if required) a lot of it was spacing, but that b0rked a bit of the scripts which someone knew may not realise. Couple of code changes too I think. I seem to remember you updated a zip file at one point (height map issue for Mac etc) - but we are now stretching the limits of my memory!

Would have thought it may have sat better under Unity, but I understand regarding the certification course also… can always be moved around later I guess…

Created here: #lounge:unity-24h-book

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