Connection Refused for student

Don’t suppose he’s cleared his browser cache? could even flush the DNS?

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Thanks I’ll suggest that too

Could get him to run a tracert from the command prompt, it might indicate where it's getting refused, his own firewall, ISP, the server for the site etc... The site here is on SSL (port 443 typically), so that would need to be open for his outbound connections... Some other info here:


Incidentally, I’m noticing it says - the URL should be

Update to the Update

I can reproduce this error by entering:

Ask them to try:

It’s probably just going to be this…


That looks like it, well spotted Rob

No worries.

I’m not sure it will fix it as in the address bar its showing the address without the www.
Its adding it in the browser. Clear cache, Flush DNS and F5 refresh.
If the problem persists i would try another browser. If this works then all else fails i would back up my bookmarks and saved passwords, Uninstall the browser and reinstall it.

Hope this helps the student.

I dont think thats the address bar, looks like a post on a social media site with a screenshot (the grey part), at least thats what I assumed. :slight_smile:

Wow cant believe i missed that bit, However i am now wondering if he copy and pasted the url and its still the same issue. In the first sentence he hasnt got www. at the begining of the url and neither does it have it at the top of his post.
The only time the error appears is in the screenshot of the 404.

I “think” this might be the issue.

Browser automatically adds www to url

When I tested a few scenarios, I tried; and - both of these return a non-configured section from the hosting; gets redirected to SSL and thus becomes

Only with was I able to re-reproduce the exact error message, albeit in a differing language;

I think we may have to wait for the user with the issue to try a few things and see if it resolves the issue - it would be good if @Michael_Bridges could perhaps update the topic after to let us know what resolved it, only so that should we see any other issues, perhaps posted on the Facebook groups we can give the user a direct response.

The user is a lucky chap there are so many of us wanting to help him out Mr Jelly :slight_smile: - community spirit rocks! :slight_smile:

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hehe, that’s great to hear - but what was the solution?

(what site is this that he has replied on also, is that Udemy?)

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Indeed and its a great community no toxicity all nice and pleasant to each other even in differences of opinion.
If carlsberg made communitys this would be it :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the instructor interface for Q and A

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Thanks @sampattuzzi :slight_smile:

I believe it was the URL

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Good to know for next time.

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