Although I felt it wasn’t well presented, I managed to get Unity 5 installed and working. I successfully converted my game from Unity 4 to 5 (without breaking the 4 version). However, when I tried to edit the code, it started Visual Studio - which wasn’t mentioned at all in the lesson. It didn’t work but I guess we’ll cover that at some stage later.

He also asked us to publish the game but didn’t explain what to zip and upload. The Build folder that was created looks nothing like the one from Unity 4. Are we supposed to zip that and upload it?

If I don’t get an answer, I’ll just wait until we cover Unity 5 in the fullness of time.


Denis it’s difficult to cater for all the different combinations of software that might be pre-installed, or variances in the tools if you’re going a bit off-piste from the original lesson.

You can change the association of the editor that opens when you double click a script in Unity Preferences > External Tools - people use a range of IDEs such as VS, VS Code, Rider and MonoDevelop.

Are you trying to publish to or somewhere else?

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Thanks for the hint about external tools. That might solve the problem.

I didn’t think I was going off-piste. Admittedly that was a an optional session. Maybe I’d have been better off skipping it for now but I was keen to try all the things suggested.

It doesn’t matter. I’ve pressed ahead with Section 4. I’m sure it’ll be picked up later.


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