Concept Chess Pieces

So I am not very far into this section. pretty much just made the base for the pawn. When I was researching the chess dimensions I came across some concept art for a chess set, I decided to see if I could create them as 3D models. Here is my attempt at the Rook along with the concept art. I know there are some issues but I think it turned out pretty close.

Here is the concept art.( note: I didn’t create it and don’t take credit for it)

My Attempt. Ortho View.

Antother shot to show perspective.

For a pretty simple design it took about two hours or so. Let me know what you think. Also I am horrible at math so the scale is probably not right. But c’est la vie.

I attempted the pawn first it didn’t turn out as good as the Rook but here it is anyway, I Kinda hacked my way through this one. Used some tools I didn’t really know how to use but it mostly worked.

Here is the concept art( again I didn’t create it and take no credit for it)

Here is my attempt, issues and all. The circle took a good 30 min it’s self then I realized it was too high and I didn’t feel like trying to fix it.

Perspective view

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Nice looks very similar to what I did

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