[COMPLETED] Periscope Depth!

I might have gone further than expected with this challenge, but here’s what I did:

  1. I selected & duplicated the cube mesh from the original Blender file, pressed Z and stacked the duplicate on top of the original, renaming the duplicate “dupeMesh”
  2. I selected and duplicate linked the original cube mesh, pressed Z and stacked it on top of dupeMesh
  3. With the original cube mesh selected, I pressed TAB to enter Edit Mode
  4. In Face Select, I selected the bottom and three sides of the cube that would get me the desired shape and deleted them
  5. In Edge Select, I first selected the edges that would get me the angle I wanted and pressed F to add the faces. I then finished off the shape by selecting the four edges that would join the two angles.
  6. In Object Mode, I selected the top most mesh and rotated it 180 degrees on its Y axis
  7. I selected all of the meshes and clicked Join
  8. In Bottom Ortho view, I placed the 3D Cursor at the approximate center of the bottom most part of the periscope and Set Origin to 3D Cursor
  9. I set Location to 0,0,0
  10. In Edit Mode, I selected all of the faces around the perimeter of the periscope and deleted them, doing the same with all the interior faces until only the two angles were left
  11. I selected a top edge, its opposite bottom edge and pressed F to create a face. I did this a total of three times
  12. For the final face, I chose all four edges and pressed F
  13. And there you have a periscope.

I used the three suggested shapes as building blocks, but I wanted the model to be one solid piece. That’s why I did what I did in Step 10 onward.

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