[COMPLETED] Basic Models Using Basic Shapes

Looking around my office for items to model, I found a call bell, a miniature of the Enterprise and a flashlight. Spheres were the most popular primitive in this exercise. I’m looking forward to revisiting these when I can add more detail and take the shark’s fin out of the Enterprise’s saucer section.


Amazing!!! Seeing projects like this inspire me to keep working hard. Looking forward to seeing NCC-1701 on the hull, when you detail it.
Not sure this came to mind during or after your project but these are all items that can relate to cinema, past theater to future. Usher’s flashlight and call bell to what is on today’s silver screen. It was nothing that I read into, just the first thing that I thought of.

Thanks for the good word and I dig your insight on the meaning of the objects. :+1::relaxed::+1: You’ve made me think my subconscious had a lot to do with my choice of models because I live and love film. I do have my preferred genres (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns), but I tend to watch anything and everything. Thanks again!

These are great! I especially like the Enterprise model. The proportions are perfect.

Thanks! :smile:

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