Community playtesting?

Hello everyone,

I’m curious, has this community developed any space for people to request others to playtest their games? I’ve got a simple pong clone that I’m hoping to release on the Google Play store, but I want to have a decent number of people try it out first to give me suggestions for fine-tuning. Is that something we can accommodate here somewhere?



Seems like a good idea to me.

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Hello @Michael_King,

Each of the courses has a Showcase sub-category where students can show off their creativity and work. Typically feedback is always given, but it can of course actually be requested in the original post, specifically if there are key things which are being sought after.

Regarding the number of people who will provide feed back; in many cases, students who have followed the Complete Unity Developer course do so using an older version of Unity which only supported Unity’s Web Player. As most main stream web browsers no longer support the underlying technology required, it would be best to ensure that, a build is made using WebGL.

Whilst there is a good degree of trust within the community I personally believe more people will be happy to try a game using WebGL and published to either / and linked from here, than downloading a .zip file or a link to someone’s personal Dropbox / Google Drive with an .apk inside.

I hope the above information is of use.

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Hi @Rob,

Thanks for your response! That Showcase board does look like the space I was searching for. I’m specifically looking for Android playtesters, but that looks like a good place to start asking around. I’ll have to see how willing people are to download a non-Play Store android app though…

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