Coming Back to 3D Graphics

Hello! :wave:

Physically in my 50s, but still in my 20s mentally! :smile: I’ve done a lot of things through the years, but I’ve always been attracted to graphics of any form (photography, painting, 3D, etc.). Back in 1999, I fell in love with 3D Studio Max when I got the chance to test it out, but I couldn’t afford it. Years later, I did some modeling in Rhinoceros, but couldn’t quite understand it. In the meantime, I had discovered Bryce and Poser. I did 3D images for a little over 6 years with them, but eventually became frustrated with being unable to create my own models. I do remember looking at Blender back then, but it didn’t appeal to me.

Fast forward to today and the recent rediscovery of Blender. It sure has come a long way! It even reminds me of 3D Studio Max in a way (I know, I’m weird *giggles*). Then I discovered the course and here I am, hoping to finally get where I’ve always wanted to be, making my own images with my own models! :slight_smile: I might have gone overboard a little bit though… I ordered a CadMouse and Space Navigator today. :blush: I guess there’s nothing wrong with getting the right tools for the job at hand, right?

In case any of you are interested in my old 3D work with Bryce and Poser, you can view it here: Tiger’s Domain. Back then, white text on black didn’t bother my eyes. Things are a bit different now and with my return to 3D, I’ll eventually be redoing the site. But first, learning Blender is the priority :slight_smile:

That’s all for now! :slight_smile:

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