Coming back; going to make a real go of it this time!

I’ve had several courses sitting in my Udemy library for, well, forever. I’d bought them on sale, fully intending to use them at some point, but always getting lost in the sauce and never taking advantage.

I typically get burned out or discouraged before I even start, you see. It’s a depression thing.

Anyway. I was playing like my 1000th game of Civilization 6 the other day and found myself randomly generating elven city names for my cities, so as to kind of make-believe I was playing an elven nation (instead of, like, Gran Columbia or something). And I finally had the realization: If I don’t get off my ass and start pursuing my dream (in this case, to make a fantasy Civ-style 4x game), then I’m just going to get old and live disappointed.

Today is the day I take real steps towards becoming a game developer. I’m going to learn and keep learning and overcome obstacles as they come - instead of making excuses for why I can’t or don’t feel like.

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