Collissions not triggering animation states

Here is my project’s current state. (And in zip) The Fox and Lizard attackers do not go into their Attack or Jump state when Defenders are in front of them. And when I try to manually trigger the Lizard’s attack, it causes it to go into its Spawn state first. I haven’t misspelled anything, I don’t think. I wish I could just post screenshots, but I’m not sure what I would need to take screenshots of. Everything seems to be plugged in right. Everything has the proper scripts, the Animators and the animation states are there, I have no idea where I went wrong.

Hi Miles,

Looking at the game objects in the scene you have a variety of things going on.

The axe and the zucchini are currently child objects of the defender objects, this changes later in the section as you create a child “gun” object which is used to position the firing weapon. Your weapons currently don’t have any box colliders in place. Your two attackers have sprite renderers on their bodies but have differing render layers (0 and 1) from each other, and also the weapons.

If you are not sure at which point things may have gone adrift you may be better going back to the start of a section prior to the introduction of the weapons, grab the course code from GitHub so that you have a copy that aligns with the course at that point, and continue from there.

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