Coding Experience

Hi Ben

I have limited coding experience, and purchased this course as a starting point before diving into your comprehensive 3D and 2D game creation courses.

Will my lack of coding ability hinder my progress on this course or will I be alright carrying on just using a calculator/ mental arithmetic?

Hi @dannothekid, apologies for the late response.
You don’t need any prior coding knowledge to follow along with this course - just access to a scientific calculator.
Any code examples used are in pseudo-code so you can translate them to your preferred language.
I also try to reference the relevant libraries and functions that can help perform the calculations in code, so that you know where to start looking.

You can complete this course before you start your other courses, or do them in parallel.
If you get stuck with any of the math in the programming courses then this course will hopefully help to provide more context to those problems.