Code not compiling.. assistance requested

Hey can anyone help me with this? i dont know why my code isnt getting compiled properly and its not gettin executed

Run this first to get rid of that warning:
cl triplex.cpp /EHsc

then just type

thank you… also, could you help me with the line that says ‘exception handled, but undefined semantics’ ?

That is the same warning that requires you to type /EHsc at the end of the compile command. It is a little advanced so here’s a brief summary: some of C++'s standard headers (such as iostream), include try/catch statements, but your program does not use exceptions (a way to handle special circumstances), therefore it would not call any destructors to “destroy” any objects your program creates. No need to go any further right now, but if you are still curious then read this from Microsoft docs

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okay thank you so much :slight_smile:

Cheers : )
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sure :slight_smile:

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