Code I recognise :-)

Reminds me of the insides of the Apache web server, but written in C++ :wink:

Things like CodeMinimal.h that SIMPLY contains a huge lists of other #includes :slight_smile: [though personally I don’t have that big a beef with the whole headers in headers thing as long as their #pragma once protected]

The use of macro dependency like


Of course the fact is that it works, and the fact is that in the real world you sometimes have to just live with what works and keep it working co’s you don’t get to just rebuild it :slight_smile:

Comments would be nice though! If someone changes something and the “special design club” macro breaks, it’s the first place the new starter [he/she’s the kid straight out of college] who’s not a member of the “special design club” will look [if there’s a comment] because it’s always developers with the least design and implementation experience who’re assigned to bug duty…

Peace out


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